Access gates are located at each entrance to the property. Property Owners can request a new gate code or a temporary code at any time. 

Please give as much notice as possible for special event codes, as it takes additional time to create a specific code. 

Security Forms

Call Boxes are located at each entry gate. Residents can opt-in to list their phone number on the telephone access system. With this option, residents can open the gate for guests or deliveries from their phone. Instructions are linked for your assistance. 

Property Owners can also mount a transponder bar to their license plate to automatically open the gate upon arrival. Submit this Access Form to the Community Liaison, Michael Schneider, at [email protected].

Design Review

The Design Review process is overseen by representatives from Borne Consulting. Below are the design review guidelines for Brightwater Club Property Owners Association.  For more information or questions please contact Jamie Pappas at (970) 331-1936 or [email protected]

Design Review Guidelines (Amendments April 2017,Fees 2019)

Common Area Funding Agreement

Common areas and components, including landscaping, noxious weed control, snowplowing and roadway maintenance, street lights, street signs, and other elements are provided and maintained by the Association through the use of contracted parties.  Please use the link below to view the Common Area Funding Agreement between the Association and Gypsum Greek Holdings.

Please use the link below to view the agreement. 

Road and Drainage Report

Alpine Engineering procided a report on the status of the roads and drainage in Brightwater Club. 

The report is listed below. 

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